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I would make a lousy wedding planner

Invitations: The United States Postal Service provides free packaging stickers that measure over 3” x 3”. Coveted amongst aspiring “street artists” for their stick-to-anything ability, they have ample space for your wedding details. Secure them to your friend’s fridge, face, apartment door - FOREVER(ish)! 

Date: Before someone you know passes away. Preferably on a Saturday as; work week > your public promise of eternal love. And because sadness. 

Location: A State Park. They’re inexpensive, everywhere, and sadly underfunded which means minimal security! Stay as late as you like. NOTE: If you have money, of course shoot for a National Park. (Mm, yes. Quite.)

Apparel: Whatever you want, silly. (Except Converse sneakers)

Vows: Any quote from Harry Potter should do it.

Reception: The Costco Food Court. ($1.99 Hotdog + Soda, Schwinggg!

Honeymoon: Exotic Guam