Out Of The Box Media Ideas

  • Position a trendy youth with mobile device playing audio from commercial, on loop, on a busy urban street corner. If touched, youth follows stranger until purchase is made.
  • Hyperlinks to ‘share now’ that open portals to Hell. 
  • Rollover display ad engagement that rolls off the table, and onto the floor. And then that poor display ad, rolls right out the door… 
  • Interactive banners that change colors when you’re ovulating. Option to share to Facebook.  
  • Audible in-site tracking (heavy breathing) 
  • User-generated contest that calls for creative use of blood oaths, necromancy. 
  • A sleek, minimal microblog featuring curated content of all the family, friend activities the media team has missed out on since launching your campaign 
  • Pay-to-view your most beloved memories voiced over by Morgan Freeman 
  • An entire publisher made up of disruptive sponsored editorial, except the sponsored editorial 
  • CPA, an acre of rainforest is now on fire.