If you write just about one type of person, not only is that boring, not only does that deprive people of other points of view, it is also just false. It’s not what the world looks like. You should try to write about the world that’s there, because that’s the interesting one.

Joseph Fink, who’s p good at writing, I think. (from this week’s Philadelphia Weekly)

Yes. This.

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Reoccurring Nightmares Of

- Getting pulled under the bed, dragged through a haunted carnival 

- Ex-boyfriends “forgiving me”

- Being stuck in a board room meeting that never begins

- Waking up to dark, ominous figures around my bed 

- Post-apocalyptic Panda Express bathroom 

- Walking backwards down a wedding aisle 


- Suddenly still being in a relationship with an ex, except we’re 40

- Running out of arrows, and he’s got throwing knives